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About two months ago, the checkout lady at the PX gave Jasper a Captain America comic book.  It wasn’t young child appropriate so I didn’t let him look through it, but he thought the picture of Captain America on the cover was the coolest thing ever.  He told me he wanted to be him for Halloween and has pretended to be him since.  My older sister, I don’t know how to tag but she is leonarocks on here, sent Jasper the best care package ever- filled with Captain America swimwear and matching sandals and Avengers glow in the dark tattoos and an activity book, along with a ton of other cool stuff.  It is nearly impossible to get him to take off the swim shorts and rash guard, and he is currently covered in tattoos.  She always sends him the best stuff.  He says that Aunt LeeLee is the best Aunt LeeLee in the whole world.  I’m so lucky I have such an amazing sister.  It’s not just the stuff she sends Jasper, obviously, because anybody who knows me knows that she is my very best friend and she is simply wonderful.  I wish so badly that we lived closer.  This has been a sister appreciation post.

Friday Jul 7 @ 06:41pm

There are not enough good things to say about our new neighbors.  We got lucky!  The day we moved in and were in the backyard, a huge little girl voice rang out through the fence, yelling for Jasper to come over and play.  We walked over to introduce ourselves and Alexis, their four year old daughter, threw open the door and told Jasper to come play in her room and off they ran.  Megan is her mom and she is just wonderful- we talked for hours and hours.  And the kids instantly clicked.  It’s so funny to see them together; they are such kindred spirits!  They are exactly the same: loud, spunky, overwhelming, energetic, wild little animals.  It’s only been a few days and already, they are inseparable.  They were inseparable from the beginning.  Jasper needed a friend like that.  I could not be happier.  

Sunday Jul 7 @ 07:12pm

Our beautiful new Wainwright Heights house!  These “before” photos were taken a few days ago, before my husband got to work painting and fixing up stuff and junk.  There are two other bedrooms in the house and a storage shed, utility room, and a HUGE backyard but I obviously didn’t post photos of those.  The rooms are way bigger than they look, too.  Our house is so much larger than what I’m used to.  We have been moving all day and will be finishing it through the upcoming weekend.  I’m exhausted, but so happy!  

Thursday Jul 7 @ 06:52pm
It’s so hard to choose paint colors when you love every color.

The best part of moving, by far, is getting a clean slate to decorate with.  I just need to finally choose the paint colors so we can get started.  But I love them all.  Two decisions have already been made: our bedroom will be the exact same dark brown that it is now because it’s the best bedroom color ever and the kitchen will be cool mint.  At least, I think the kitchen will be cool mint.  I’ve pretty much decided.  But I don’t know.  And then I have to choose for the rest of the house.  And we are planning to get it all done before we move in next week.  I need to choose NOW.  Lord, help me.   

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 08:05pm

After Matt’s promotion ceremony this morning.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 11:39am

Just another day in paradise.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 09:13pm
The Best Week Ever.

My husband came home from Afghanistan on Sunday and got a promotion on Tuesday, and today we finally got our new house!  Plus, lots of fun in between.  It’s been the best week, and it’s only Wednesday.  Jasper and I had more than our fair share of joy and happiness while Matt was gone, but now, it’s just unreal.  My child could not be happier.  The look on Jasper’s face and the salute he gave when he saw all the soldiers marching toward him was priceless, and the way he ran ahead of everybody to get to his daddy made my heart swell.  When I saw my crying husband hit his knees to scoop up Jasper for the first time in forever, I nearly lost it.  My husband never ever ever cries- ever.  We have been having so much fun together since he’s been back, this is the first night since that we are finally relaxing and settling back into a routine.  And even that is better than I could have imagined.  I’m just so joyful.  And oh, I cannot wait to get moved into our new house!  We saw it for the first time today and got the keys.  I LOVE it.  It’s in Wainwright Heights.  It has a giant tree in the front yard that shades the whole front of the house, and it has carpet and Jasper has a massive bedroom and our washer and dryer will no longer be in the kitchen because it has its own laundry room and the kitchen is the cutest ever and the back yard is huge and the good school is just down the block and oh, I cannot believe how lucky we are to get such a great house!  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  It’s a wonderful time in the Stevenson household.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 08:57pm
My husband is in the air!

He’s on his way back home to Texas!  Tomorrow is the big day.  There is no way I’m getting any sleep tonight.

Saturday Jun 6 @ 11:16pm

Never tell your child their father’s redeployment date until they are already back in the country.  Because let me tell you, that crap will change and you will have one upset kid.  I should have known better.  Oh well.  I’ll just make this weekend super fun for Jasper so he won’t have time to think about it.  

Thursday Jun 6 @ 08:58pm
My husband comes home this weekend!

I’m so excited, I could burst!  Just a few more days now!  It’s so hard to believe that this time next week, my husband will be home and settled.  

Monday Jun 6 @ 08:41pm

I just found out that one of my old friends leaves her three year old child at home alone after she falls asleep.  Tonight she was talking about how she loves “sneaking in dates” after her daughter falls asleep.  She and her husband are literally out on the town while the child is home alone.  I could never, ever do that.  In my mind, anything could happen and there is no way I would ever leave my young child alone, even when he’s sleeping.  Maybe it’s just me, but that shocked the daylights out of me.  Most people don’t do that, right?

Thursday Jun 6 @ 09:00pm

We have fun.

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 09:32pm

Anonymous said: How long has your hubby been deployed for? Remember OPSEC in your posts, btw!

I didn’t break opsec but thank you, anyway.  And nine months. =)

Saturday Jun 6 @ 08:30pm
This time two weeks from now, my husband will be home!

This has been the fastest deployment ever.  I am beyond happy and excited!  

Saturday Jun 6 @ 07:57pm
Jasper learned to roll with the ball today.

Jasper learned to roll with the ball today.

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 10:27pm
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